Making games to develop the future! The major Game Design within Communication & Multimedia Design has been a very popular choice for many students in the past years: time to make the programme even more international and even more about games and new technology. Starting September 2021, the Game Design major has been transformed into a full blown bachelor programme: Creative Media & Game Technologies.

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In the Creative Media and Game Technologies programme (CMGT), you will work with cutting edge technologies to learn how to build the future through making games: learning how to deploy technologies and how they can be used to invent with. This four-year international programme focuses on students who want to dive into the broad and fast changing field of digital technology.

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​​​​​​Programme Structure

Programme Structure

At CMGT every period has a similar structure: one larger project with flexible integrated toolbox courses, and a 'Bookend' or core skills course. Each project course is worth 10 EC's, each secondary course 5 EC's, for a total of 15EC's per thematic block.

Project Courses: CMGT projects are the core of the curriculum - working in teams to create something new. In these courses, you learn to implement professional practices, collaboration and responsibility, whilst making games and other digital products and solutions.

Toolboxes: Within the projects, you along with your class and teachers look on a week-by-week basis at what skills you need at the current stage of your project: each project offers a sizable set of choice topics, like physical prototyping, asset creation, game engine scripting and usage, creative media theory and many others - core skills you might want to directly implement in your project and build your skillset as an up-and-coming industry professional.

The first and last 5 EC 'bookend' courses next to your project are where you learn about yourself: who am I, what is expected of me and who do I wish to become. You will return to the learning of the first semester at the end of the second semester, to answer the questions: how do I profile myself, and who do I wish to become?

The middle two 5EC courses cover core subjects to develop your fundamental understanding of the professional field. These cover User eXperience design and UI design as well as design theory, research and professional writing and presenting skills.

After the 1st year

After the 1st year

The second year is divided into two semesters, with the first semester focusing strongly on Exploring new technologies and in the second on a longer production project. In the first semester, you will complete two projects in order to deepen your knowledge of research, project skills and new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Emergent Game Design. The second semester is divided into a lab project (20 ECTS) and electives (10 ECTS). The Game lab project brings together teaching, research and professional practice where you will work with experts and real clients from the professional field. You are are free to choose one of the available projects and will get guidance in this decision-making process by the professional coach. Some of the projects will involve collaboration between students of different studies, such as CMD or HBO-ICT. 

Profiling and Entrepreneurship

Prior to the second semesters, a matchmaking process will be conducted between all students and the available projects. In addition to working in the lab, you will also take the CMGT-wide modules focussed on profiling yourself and entrepreneurship: the course Your Studio, Your Profile, bringing business models and showcase portfolio production together and the course Product Launchpad, where you will bring your lab project to a releasable state, including attention for the business models and the added value of the product. Alongside of the project and these courses you will be working on two electives (5 ECTS each). In the electives you can deepen your skills in a certain area such as programming, art or technology according to your own interest. There are approximately 15 electives within the programme to choose from! 


Academic Counsellor

At the start of your study you will be appointed an academic counsellor (AC). This is your first point of contact for questions about the study or potential problems. In year 1 you will see your counsellor at least once per week. These talks are scheduled.

Study Desk

Starting from year 2, you can go to the CMGT Study Desk in C232 (Van Doorenveste) with your study related questions. This is the place to go for questions about backlog, additional study counseling, studying at CMGT in general, studying in the Netherlands for foreign students and a possible referral to the Student Councellors Office.

Study Advisor

The study advisor can help you with questions pertaining to things like how to fill in your elective space, or the possibilities of continuing your studies after this one.

Practical Placement & Minors

Practical Placement

In the third year you will take part in a semester long internship where you will choose for yourself if you want to take part in a company abroad or locally. During an internship you will work in the company to develop your competencies. You can find your own internship position, but the study also provides a wide offering of internships. Furthermore, it is possible to intern in your own company, by following the Entrepreneurship route.


Before or after your internship you also follow a semester long minor: education outside of the regular study, meant to widen or deepen your knowledge. You could, for instance, learn more about entrepreneurship, learn how to make films, or work on your Spanish skills for a semester. There is also the possibility to take up more electives and an elective project within the CMGT programme. And last but not least: You can also follow minors at one of our partner schools abroad.


Graduation Year

In year 4 you will work on an Innovation WorkPlace (IWP) project for a semester (10 ECTS). To you the opportunity to go more in depth into certain CMGT topics, year 4 will offer you the opportunity to take up electives again for 20 ECTS. This time you will set your own learning goals and work alongside teachers, companies and other students. The electives can offer -same as in year  2 and 3- a deeper dive into topics in the field of development, art, design or UX testing.  From period three you start making your own graduation portfolio on a topic of your own choosing in a company.


​After completing this programme, you will have a foundation of skills and competences to accumulate yourself in the fast changing environment, help users and shape the current and future digitalization of society. The professional field you will enter is very wide and internationally focused. A degree in CMGT prepares you for a range of jobs in the creative industry such as game designer, VR/AR designer,art director, animator and many more. With CMGT you can also start your own business in the creative industry.

​Year 1

  • Projects
  • Futureproof & Future Profiling
  • Design & Prototyping
  • Playful Pasts & Futures
  • 2D Game Development
  • Production & Evaluation
  • 3D Game Development
  • UX/UI

Year 2

  • Projects
  • Focus Track: Creative Media
  • New Technology Exploration
  • Focus Track: Technology
  • New Technology Adaptation
  • Focus Track: UX
  • Game Lab
  • Electives

Year 3

  • Internship
  • Minor of Choice
  • Electives

Year 4

  • Innovation WorkPlace project
  • Graduation Portfolio
  • Electives

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