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Frailty among older adults in the community: insight in the complexity of frailty

Zhang Xiaohong

Family, health and wellbeing: The lives of Chinese immigrants in the Netherlands

Sie Long Cheung

Lifestyle Opportunities: supporting a healthy lifestyle of people with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities

Annelies Overwijk


Clinical muscle strength measurements: reference values and reliability

Rob Douma

Cover proefschrift Margot Bochane

Uniform screening for atypical language development in Dutch child health care

Margot Bochane

The impact of the hospital environment
Emma Zijlstra


proefschrift Gerlof Reckman

Protein oxidation - towards a non-invasive assessment of anabolic competence

Gerlof Reckman

Healthy lifestyle of people with intellectual disabilities
Rianne Steenbergen

Proefschrift Anouk Oosterwijk

From range of motion to function - Loss of joint flexibility after burns: when is it a problem?
Anouk Oosterwijk

Proefschrift Steven Bunt 

Frailty among older adults: exploring the social dimension
Steven Bunt


Radiation-induced toxicity in prostate cancer: prediction and impact in quality of life
Wouter Schaake

Adverse events following cervical manual physical therapy techniques
Rik Kranenburg


Gaining insight in factors associated with succesful ageing: body composition,
nutrition and cognition

Willemke Nijholt

Lifestyle change in adults with intellectual disabilities
Mariël Willems-Jongsma

Collaborative partnership between family caregivers and nurses
in the care of older hospitalized persons
Ellen Hagedoorn

Listening difficulties in children
Ellen de Wit

Physical fitness and performance of daily activities in persons
with intellectual disabilities and visual impairment

Annemarie Dijkhuizen

Assessment of Malnutrition in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer:
a Multidimensional Approach

Martine Sealy

Physical health in adults with severe or profound intellectual and motor disabilities
Dinette van Timmeren



Disease-related malnutrition and nutritional assessment in clinical practice
Lies ter Beek

The use of self-tracking technology for health
Thea Kooiman

Motor function, paratonia and glycation cross-linked in older people
Hans Drenth

Task shifting, interprofessional collaboration and education in oral health care
Jan Jaap Reinders


Pre-treatment 3D dose verification for intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)
Ruurd Visser

Physical activity in recipients of solid organ transplantation
Edwin J. van Adrichem 


Assessing gross motor function,functional skills, and caregiver assistance in children with cerebral palsy(CP) and cerebral visual impairment (CVI)​
Masoud Salavati

Nutritional status in nocturnal hemodialysis
 J.R. (Karin) Ipema

Active ageing and quality of life​
Community-dwelling older adults in deprived neighbourhoods
J.H. (Annemiek) Bielderman



Women’s perceptions, knowledge and breastfeeding decision-making
Linking theory to qualitative empirical data
A.T. (Bettie) Oosterhoff 


Voorkant proefschrift Manon Dontje 0605.jpg 
Daily physical activity in patients with a chronic disease
Manon L. Dontje

Work capacity of patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain
​A.E.(Sandra) Jorna-Lakke

Physical exercise to improve or maintain activities of daily living performance in frail institutionalized older persons
E. (Betsy) Weening-Dijksterhuis


Periodontitis preeclampsia
Alina Kunnen

Common musculoskeletal disorders in primary care physiotherapie: assessment and intervention
J.M. (Hank) Hallegraeff


Facilitating reflective learning
Mirabelle A.Schaub-de Jong

The relations between profession development and job (re)design; the case of dental hygiene in the Netherlands
Katarina Jerkovic-Cosic

Crossing boundaries:improving communication in cerebral palsy care
Jitske Gulmans


Measuring physical fitness in persons with severe/profound intellectual and multiple disabilities
Aly Waninge

Accuracy of nursing diagnoses: knowledge, knowledge sources and reasoning skills
Wolter Paans


Chronic musculoskeletal disorders: assessment and intervention
Miriam van Ittersum

World white teeth: determinants and promotion of oral hygiene behavior in diverse context
Yvonne A.B. Buunk-Werkhoven

Development of sucking patterns in preterm infants
Saakje P. da Costa.


Psycho physical capacity in non-specific chronic low back pain
​A.Paul Hodselmans

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